NBA Hoop Troop

NBA Hoop Troop
NBA Hoop Troop is high quality 3D unity basketball game on! Play NBA Hoop Troop game with rising kids stars.
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Date: 2015-11-04

3115 Users Played

You should choose "vs computer" mode to begin match otherwise you fail for unavailable connection. Select your team among western conference or eastern conference. The game begin with Jump Ball. Your team involves two player. You jump and try to touch basketball and hold it. Your defense strategy sholud be man to man. If you choose zone defense as a strategy you would fail during match. Thow the ball to score points and win match. The ball may bounce off. In this case you jump on time and get the ball on the air before your opponent. Gain the ball in the rebound position. Shoot three points with "Space" bar while opponets engage your teammate other side. For best shots you balance yourself acoording to backboard and hoops. The points will be awarded when the ball is in the rims.

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